Fruits of the Earth


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Chickens are more than meat and eggs; on a farm they eat mosquitoes and ticks.

This year (2001) I'm raising my chickens organically. So far, we have not lost a one to disease. 

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Silky Chick 8 Wks

The silky is used by the DNR to hatch eggs of endangered species as they are natural setters and they weigh just ounces. For large eggs, two or more females will gang up on it to hatch it.

Chick (unknown type)
Same one, another view
Guinea Hen - loves wood ticks
Silky Up Close
Silky Up Close
Silky Up Close
Chicks Resting
Meat Chickens and a Polish Egg layer (all the same age - 8 weeks)
Rhode Island Red - 8 wks
Polish Hen (Top Hat)


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St. John's Wort. 

The natural antidepressant. Pick about an ounce of flowers, drop into a bottle of 80 proof vodka, and shake every day for two weeks.

stjohn02.jpg (69272 bytes)
Close Up

You will notice that the vodka will begin to change color right away. 

It takes 20 days to a month before the antidepressant effect works.

Giant_STJ02.jpg (61881 bytes)
Giant St John's Wort

When I found this on my property, I thought I'd discovered a brand new herb. No herbal books had this plant. However, I soon discovered that the reason the herbal books didn't have it, 

Giant_STJ01.jpg (62896 bytes)
Close Up

was that it wasn't an herbal medicine. It was simply a very pretty flower, growing some 4 to 5 feet tall. 

Giant_STJ.jpg (55691 bytes)
Close Up

The herbal St John's Wort grows only about two to two and a half feet tall, and is found all over the northern states.

straw01.jpg (35395 bytes)
Wild Strawberry

These little guys are half the size of a dime.

straw02.jpg (38844 bytes)

But they are full of flavor and full of nutrition. The ellagic acid content is higher per pound than in the domestic variety.

rasp.jpg (37778 bytes)
Wild Raspberry

Again, smaller than the domestic variety.

rasp1.jpg (36710 bytes)

But filled with flavor and nutrition. 

The leaves make a wonderful all around tea which is also good for any female complaints.

blueberry.jpg (31102 bytes)
Wild Blueberry 

Another cancer killer, this berry is also good for vision; it supports strong capillaries. 

blackberry.jpg (46151 bytes)
Wild Black Raspberry

Wild black raspberries are not as common as the red raspberries, but the flavor and nutrition are just as wonderful.

raspberry.jpg (96703 bytes)

After two hours of battling the State Bird of Minnesota, the mosquito, we had two quarts of berries. There is nothing in this world quite like fresh wild berries.

chamomile.jpg (36430 bytes)
German Chamomile

A great tea to relax you and help you sleep. Is also a good enema to relax the bowel.


cantalopeflower.jpg (49764 bytes)
Cantaloupe Flower

The cantaloupe is filled with nutrition; lots of beta carotene.

cone2.jpg (383366 bytes)
Giant Yellow Cone Flower

Not the same as Echinacea, but the Natives did use them medicinally.

apples02.jpg (52107 bytes)

This is the first year I'm getting apples. All the vitamin C in an apple is found in the skin.

crab.jpg (44965 bytes)

Crab Apples are my favorites. They make a really tart jelly and are high in vitamin C.

dandy.jpg (44502 bytes)

The greens are great for the liver. Your liver loves bitter greens. Toss a few into your salads.

sweet_clov.jpg (46091 bytes)

Sweet Clover is great in salads. Add a nice tart bite.

red_clover.jpg (48105 bytes)
Red Clover

Harry Hoxsey's formula has red clover in it. It contains known anti-tumor chemicals. Makes a great tea.

milk_this.jpg (62687 bytes)
Milk Thistle

The crushed seeds are great for the liver. They help regenerate the liver.

milk_this01.jpg (56677 bytes)

This guy attracted all the insects. Is there any doubt that insects and bugs eat right?

milkweed01.jpg (112374 bytes)
Milk Weed

This draws in Monarch Butterflies. Perhaps it has an herbal use, but we all know that butterflies are beautiful and beauty heals.

milkweed_cu.jpg (53731 bytes)
Milkweed Flower
Close Up

These little flowers were precious.

lemon_thyme.jpg (58919 bytes)
Lemon Thyme

My herb garden is fun. It is full of antioxidants and healthy herbs.

choke01.jpg (37487 bytes)
Choke Cherry

I planted these for the birds, but someday I'll have to make some choke cherry jelly. 

choke02.jpg (35575 bytes)
Choke Cherries

They are very bitter and not much meat as the seed is quite big.

feverfew01.jpg (94182 bytes)

Great for migraine headaches, but you must take it for a long time, a few weeks to three months before it works.


ferview_cu.jpg (62952 bytes)
Close Up of Feverfew


weed.jpg (82414 bytes)

This is one of the most amazing herbs on the planet: it's oil heals heart disease and can be refined and used as gasoline, or made into plastics; the fibers can be used for paper and clothing and can be compressed into building materials. It has hundreds of uses, and if you grow one in your garden you can be arrested. Go figger.



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