Fruits of the Earth
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apps010.jpg (48574 bytes)
State Fair Apple
c_crab.jpg (58462 bytes)
Chestnut Crab

A large crab, developed at the U of MN.

crab101.jpg (44814 bytes)

This little crab is so tasty. Makes a great jelly too.

bind.jpg (41798 bytes)
Hedge Bindweed

No purpose, but strangles everything and looks beautiful.

lemmon_cuke.jpg (32464 bytes)
Lemon Cucumber

Something I found at Seeds Of Change. 

g_rod.jpg (92818 bytes)

The first sign that summer is ending. Native Americans used a tea from the goldenrod for fevers, chest pains, sore throats, etc. 

mari002.jpg (61995 bytes)

Around a vegetable garden, they keep away pests.

Click to see some great colors and design.

c_grape1.jpg (44300 bytes)
Wild Concord Grape

A small, but potent grape. The seeds are crunchy and are a powerful antioxidant. 

c_grapes1.jpg (72530 bytes)

Filled with natural cancer killers and phytochemicals that help to reverse heart disease, we picked about 10 pounds and made some great jelly (Sucanat for sugar).

aster.jpg (48281 bytes)

There are hundreds of varieties of Asters...another harbinger of fall. 

e_prim.jpg (31632 bytes)
Evening Primrose

Contains omega-3 fatty acids.

eprim.jpg (20896 bytes)

Attracts the very large sphinx moth.

mush001.jpg (61411 bytes)

This mushroom/tod stool just looked too cool. Click here to see more.

cone001.jpg (74798 bytes)
Purple Cone Flower
Echinacea Purpurea

I discovered the most vibrant colored cone flower in my garden and had to take these pix: Click Here

obed.jpg (28020 bytes)
Obedience Plant

Cute perennial; push the flower to the side and it stays.

wf_002.jpg (36800 bytes)

A friend from California sent me wild flower seeds. This one popped up.

wf_003.jpg (32277 bytes)

Here it is again. I wish I knew what it was.

tom007.jpg (56685 bytes)
Grape Tomatoes

I took these because of the green and red color scheme: click here.

sun001.jpg (49147 bytes)
Giant Sunflower
sun002.jpg (48588 bytes)

The colors were so powerful. 

sun003.jpg (56023 bytes)

Much taller than me....but then again, everything is taller than me.

blue_j1.jpg (68035 bytes)
Bottle Gentian
blue_j2.jpg (43129 bytes)

One of the very strange flowers in this world.

sunburst.jpg (28035 bytes)

Part of my perennial garden. A member of the cone flower family.

wild_app1.jpg (130467 bytes)

Near my home, I found this tree planted by the birds. 

wild_app.jpg (76448 bytes)

I have no idea what kind of apple it is; small, tart, but I just love the colors.

red_berry.jpg (50280 bytes)

No idea what berries these are, Probably bane berries

mex_001.jpg (58909 bytes)
Mexican Hat

Another cone flower.

jack_berry.jpg (33625 bytes)



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