Fruits of the Earth
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fern.jpg (22864 bytes)

Looking like something from a Spielberg movie, this is a young fern at sunset.

asp.jpg (20348 bytes)

Baby Asparagus. Known to cure cancer.

violet1.jpg (26867 bytes)

A violet at sunset. In the spring we're surrounded by these lovely ladies.

hep2.jpg (67433 bytes)

Hepatica, one of the first spring flowers that 

hep1.jpg (32351 bytes)

pops up thru dead leaves.

jack.jpg (35683 bytes)

A different view of a Jack in the Pulpit.

bloss_plumb.jpg (45770 bytes)

Plum blossoms. 

bloss_ss.jpg (24764 bytes) bloss9.jpg (27128 bytes)

These are the first blossoms on our fruit trees.

appleblossom.jpg (43704 bytes)

Crab apple blossoms from the flowering crabs.

crab_blos.jpg (44460 bytes) dandy.jpg (44011 bytes)

Dandelion gone to seed.

descending1.jpg (44157 bytes)

A Declining Trillium.

tril01.jpg (75243 bytes)


descending.jpg (32749 bytes)

They hide below their leaves and you have to be looking for them to find them.

tril02.jpg (32626 bytes)
The Minnesota State Flower is the Lady Slipper

The following are varieties of this beautiful flower.

moc003.jpg (71109 bytes)

Red Moccasin 

moc001.jpg (46710 bytes) moc002.jpg (48421 bytes)

Very rare flower.

ym001.jpg (58142 bytes)


ym002.jpg (48707 bytes)

Yellow Moccasin or Lady Slipper.

ym001.jpg (58142 bytes)
ls014.jpg (44557 bytes) ls013.jpg (36389 bytes) ls012.jpg (35161 bytes)

 ls011.jpg (45396 bytes)

ls010.jpg (16528 bytes)

ls002.jpg (30037 bytes)
ls008.jpg (39897 bytes) ls006.jpg (37816 bytes) ls009.jpg (37010 bytes)
ls003.jpg (50203 bytes) The Showy Lady Slipper is one of the most precious flowers you will ever imagine. And here I was able to capture these just as a heavy thunderstorm began to strike and the sky grew black. ls004.jpg (54539 bytes)

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