Fruits of the Earth
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peony_bud.jpg (39596 bytes)
A peony bud.
peony.jpg (37771 bytes)
Close-up of the peony.
iris.jpg (68823 bytes)
An iris I discovered.
med_white.jpg (34532 bytes)
A little white flower of an inedible berry, the Bunchberry.
little_yellow.jpg (67674 bytes)
I found these little yellow flowers that might be the Prairie Ragwort.
lol_yellow_cu.jpg (32389 bytes)

If it's not that, please, someone correct me.

brn_iris.jpg (52069 bytes)
This iris came up last year, but not this spring.
This is a Tansy. I'm told it keeps mosquitoes away. Yah, sure!
 daisies_1.jpg (66924 bytes)
My Favorite flower. The simple daisy.

The Yellow Cone Flower. We had to show you how tall it grows. Sue is about 5' 5".

The Obedience Plant (False Dragonhead). A member of the mint family (See below.
valarian.jpg (100827 bytes)
Vervain; a sleep aid.

This is the final fruit of the Jack in the Pulpit.
You can move the individual flowers, and they'll stay where you've moved them.

A wild sunflower I found down by the lake called: Nodding Beggar's-ticks. See Below.

I love the wild mushrooms (toad stools) that grow around here.


We'd never seen this particular sunflower previously.


Turk's Cap Lilly.

One Fireweed plant.

Horsetail; is used for bladder and kidney problems.

The great burdock; it's root has anti-tumor properties.
Welcome to Fall in Minnesota

Most of these shots are of fruit trees I've planted for the birds.

Well, I had to experiment with this.

Grows along the side of the road in fall.

An amazing sunflower that only appears in the fall.


I never noticed this, but we have a tree that thinks it's an evergreen.

It's called a Tamarack, and  it's needles turn golden, fall off, and re-grow in the spring.

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