Nature Shots

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beaver1.jpg (87964 bytes)

Our first American perfumes came from the anal glands of this fellow. 

beaver_cu.jpg (74076 bytes)

He liked the corn I set out for the geese. 

broot_ss.jpg (29689 bytes)
Bloodroots at sunset.
fall_art.jpg (85310 bytes)
Fall Art

The amazing maple trees of the North Shore of Minnesota.

geese.jpg (62120 bytes)
Canadian Geese

They posed for me at sunrise.

rb_merganzer.jpg (40593 bytes)
Red Breasted Merganser

Listen to his call:

hooded_fem.jpg (35554 bytes)
Female Hooded Merganser

Not enough light for a good picture, but with a bit of touchup this became a nice work of art.

loon.jpg (46960 bytes)

Listen to it's calls:


rgbeak.jpg (61100 bytes)
Rose Breasted Grosbeak
hummer.jpg (53637 bytes)
Female Ruby-throated Hummingbird

It took me over 300 shots finally to get this one.

hummer_01.jpg (51082 bytes)

It is so hard to get a picture of the male (who is so much more colorful than the female)...

hummer_02.jpg (49863 bytes)

because, like in the human community, these wives don't want their men hanging around drinking all day.

hummer_rest.jpg (24165 bytes)

Baby hummingbird resting atop the tip of my totem pole.

snapper.jpg (69121 bytes)
Snapping Turtle

She came by to lay some eggs in my driveway.

nuthatch.jpg (60149 bytes)
White Breasted Nuthatch


sunrise_ls01.jpg (28387 bytes)
Sunrise at Lake Superior.
sunrise_ls02.jpg (55716 bytes)
Sun about to rise.
sunrise.ls03.jpg (52894 bytes)
The entire sky lit up just prior to the sun breaking the horizon
moon.jpg (28716 bytes)
Moon of Lake Superior

Yes, this is an impossible shot. It is actually two photos spliced together. 

sun_99.jpg (47154 bytes)
Last Sunset of 1999

Getting ready to welcome in the new year, I noticed the colors in the sky and had to run down to the lake to capture this.

sun1_99.jpg (48446 bytes)

What a wonderful way to say good-bye to 1999.

wolf01.jpg (16475 bytes)
Timber Wolf
wolf02.jpg (28470 bytes)

These female arctic wolves decided to challenge each other just four feet from me and my camera. 

Female Wood Duck
Checking out my house I built for her.

Pair of Wood Ducks, the male above, the female below hidden in the shadows.

Wood duck.wav

The male, blown up.

Wood duck1.wav

This shot took me ten years to get. I finally got enough light at the right time.
black_cap01.jpg (23819 bytes)
Black Capped Chickadee

On a warm day.

black_cap02.jpg (23720 bytes)
On a cold day.

black capped.wav

bird_art.jpg (29506 bytes)
Bird Art

As the fellow on my left flew away, I captured this work of art.

storm01.jpg (29970 bytes)
storm02.jpg (42971 bytes)
Summer Storm
song.jpg (17407 bytes)
Song Sparrow

Song sparrow.wav

eagle.jpg (11869 bytes)
Bald Eagle

We have at least three families of eagles living near here. They are so hard to capture. 

vulture.jpg (15720 bytes)
Turkey Vulture

This is one of the first large birds I saw on my property. I was glad to see it show up for photos this day.



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