Nature Shots

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pw2.jpg (53344 bytes)

Pussy Willow that have gone to seed.

pw1.jpg (29049 bytes)

Here they are in different stages.

br2.jpg (33627 bytes)

Young Blood Roots (our first flower of the year). 

ss.jpg (95081 bytes)

The sun is getting ready to set.

ss06.jpg (49737 bytes)

The flood this year wasn't as high as others but lasted way too long.

rooster.jpg (41087 bytes)

My big, bright rooster. 

hep2.jpg (67433 bytes)

Hepatica, one of the first spring flowers that 

hep1.jpg (32351 bytes)

pops up thru dead leaves.

rwb.jpg (13900 bytes)

Redwinged Black Bird.

card01.jpg (29812 bytes)

A Cardinal (taken from my bedroom window).

Click to hear it's call.

card02.jpg (31383 bytes)

They are very skittish and are hard to get close to (this is blown up.)

oriel.800.jpg (69728 bytes)

A Baltimore Oriole (it took me three years to finally get this close.)

Click to hear it's call.

fern.jpg (22864 bytes)

Looking like something from a Spielberg movie, this is a young fern at sunset.

roost_shake.jpg (34030 bytes)

Ever see a rooster fluffing it's feathers? Starts with the head and works its way backwards.

chick.jpg (37598 bytes)

Black Capped Chickadee at the suet feeder.

yhbb01.jpg (53040 bytes)

Yellow Headed Black Bird.

yhbb02.jpg (35362 bytes)

Click to hear it's call.

yrw.jpg (54930 bytes)

Yellow Rumped Warbler
(almost impossible to get a good picture because it flits around.) 

rbgb01.jpg (38894 bytes)

Rose Breasted Gross Beak 

Click to hear it's call.

spider01.jpg (38927 bytes) robbins.jpg (75020 bytes)

These little guys freeze instinctively when encroached uppon. (Baby Robins)

Northern Lights
Aurora Borealis 
ab012.jpg (12169 bytes) ab003_big_dip.jpg (15244 bytes)
Can you see the Big Dipper?
ab002.jpg (16677 bytes)
ab009.jpg (17149 bytes) ab011.jpg (14988 bytes) ab001.jpg (12624 bytes)
ab015.jpg (15339 bytes) ab013.jpg (13598 bytes) nl001.jpg (19818 bytes)



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