Nature Shots

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yel_cone.jpg (34884 bytes)
Yellow Cone Flower.
tulip.jpg (55215 bytes)
After seven years, this tulip finally came up.
rare.jpg (24634 bytes)
I'm told this is a very rare member of the orchid family.
show_lady.jpg (31840 bytes)
Showy Lady Slipper the day before fully blossoming.
fuzzy.jpg (64340 bytes)
yel_lady.jpg (42217 bytes)
show_003.jpg (28782 bytes)
Showy Lady Slipper, the day it blossomed fully.
show_004.jpg (35228 bytes) show_002.jpg (53260 bytes)
geese_gath02.jpg (28016 bytes)
Geese already gathering in formation.
geese_gather.jpg (19693 bytes) bird_q.jpg (32918 bytes)
While doing qigong on my deck, this bird landed in my hand.
oleander_f02.jpg (36332 bytes)
oleander_f01.jpg (42139 bytes)
oleander1.jpg (93028 bytes)
Oleander plant. It is poisonous, but a folk remedy from Turkey helps to beat cancer.
purp_cone.jpg (75331 bytes)
My favorite, a Purple Cone Flower.
purp_cone002.jpg (83841 bytes) red_k_sq.jpg (59907 bytes)
Blossom from my Red Kiri Squash. So tasty! You can even eat the skin.
be_susan.jpg (54066 bytes)
Black Eyed Susan.
unk001.jpg (31654 bytes)
beetle.jpg (39038 bytes)
An interesting beetle.
eve_prim.jpg (24788 bytes)
Evening Primrose.
eve_prim1.jpg (36247 bytes)
Evening Primrose.
milk_w_003.jpg (91988 bytes)
A wild milk weed.
mw_003.jpg (49919 bytes)
Blue Vervain.
mother.jpg (58579 bytes)
wild_009.jpg (61914 bytes)
A wild flower from a pack of seeds we tossed out.
tom008.jpg (48264 bytes)
I just love tomatoes in the summer.
jan02.jpg (80896 bytes)
You won't believe this, but look closely and you'll see a trail made by squirrels.
pups_02.jpg (40637 bytes)
Mama Misha took great care of her pups.
love.jpg (37825 bytes)
The puppies were fun to raise. Even kept one.
or_03.jpg (42571 bytes)
Baltimore Oriole.
or_04.jpg (48742 bytes)

 moose.jpg (82474 bytes)
A female moose.

 moose1.jpg (88437 bytes)
She's apprehensive because her young is right behind her.

Cumberland Falls in Kentucky.

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