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One thing you can be certain of on the web is that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Some of you will have problems with this site because you do NOT have the most current flash ad-on installed in your browser. To get the most current, click here: Get Flash Player 10

The photoshows are setup to be seen with a midrange broadband connection. If you get a start and stop sort of thing, it's best to hit "pause" on the player and let the show load before continuing on.

Many of you will have trouble with different browsers. Google's Chrome and FoxFire have trouble with the Flash files at the top of our pages. They all work perfectly on Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

If the shows do NOT work using MS IE, click on Tools, Internet Options, and delete your temporary files. Then make sure you have the latest flash player installed: Get Flash Player 10


If you have AOL, half the time this site will work and half the time it won't. Why? Simply put, AOL sucks.

If you have a PC (not a MAC) and are in AOL, then open Microsoft's Internet Explorer.  If you don't know what Microsoft's Internet Explorer is, ask yourself if you really need a computer.

You'll see this somewhere on your desktop or in your programs:

That is the icon for Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Open it, then cut and paste the home page URL ( into Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Again, if you don't know what a URL is, or how to cut and paste, ask yourself if you really need a computer.

A URL is a Uniform Resource Locator. However, the best way to describe it is: it is the address your browser is currently at. Look at the top of your browser and you'll see "" without the quotation marks. That is where you are now. That is the URL you are currently at.

The above Microsoft's Internet Explorer (MS IE) open to a page at (Microsoft Dot Com).

The URL is located on the top left side, below the top blue margin, and to the right of the two arrows (one pointing left, the other pointing right); in this case, the arrow pointing right is not highlighted.

To cut and paste is quite simple. Highlight something with the mouse cursor, the with the mouse cursor over the highlighted (something), right click the mouse and you'll get a menu. Choose "copy." Then put the mouse cursor in your browser, where the URL goes, highlight that (double click if you've not highlighted it just by placing your cursor there)  then right click the mouse and choose Paste from the menu. That's it. And there are many more ways of doing this.

Once you have learned to do something on a computer (like cut and paste), you will quickly notice that ALL programs act the same. You can cut and paste in nearly every program on your computer.


If the shows are too big for your browser, you can use the bottom right, to zoom in or out (on MS IE).

The resolution of your monitor hardly means anything at this site. The greater your resolution, the smaller the pictures will appear. We've decided to build this web site using Flash. Some monitors will see the flash shows darker than others. Some will see them grainier than others.

We've got some of our oldest shows here, and they will appear a bit drabber than those created recently. Some pictures will seem out of focus, others will seem in focus. Hopefully, you'll be able to get the most from this site with whatever browser you use.

Some of the phtotoshows are very old and were made with older software. Some of the photos in them are dull, and not very sharp. I apologize for that, but I've not got the time to re-do them.

Full Screen Mode

The player's can go into the full screen mode, by clicking on the icon at the bottom right of the FlowPlayer. Some shows have resolutions high enough to handle the full screen mode, some don't.

You get out of the full screen mode by hitting Escape.

What to do if NOTHING works

If all else fails, and you want to see the photoshows I've created, for a donation of $5.00 to the Wellness Directory, I will create a PDF file, put it online, and give you a link to it. You can save it on your computer and watch it over and over. Just tell me the show you want to see, and I'll bill you thru Pay Pal for the donation. Just write:

Here is an example of the PDF file you can get: Portraits.pdf  (11MB download). Open and save to your computer.